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Office and archive work
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E-Archive works in accordance with the legal regulations in the Republic of Macedonia and represents software for office and archive work.

E-Archive is an integrated software solution for recording and archiving your documentation. This solution solves your headache with the organization and records of a heap of paper.

Web-based solution provides great flexibility in operation. The application can run on the Internet and be available from anywhere or to work in an Intranet environment where it can work only in a private environment. Available for your tablet or smartphone at any time.

Reliability is at the highest level so archived documents are always in a safe place. All documentation is organized according to all legal regulations for office and archiving. Based on legal legislation documents archived are automatically kept for a given number of years. The offer is also included:

  • Guarantee for possible errors 12 months
  • Phone support in the first 30 days
  • Instructions for working in electronic form
  • 4 languages (Macedonian, English, Albanian and Serbian)
  • Installation of your computer over the Internet
  • Training via Internet and phone

*All prices are in denars and without a calculated tax of 5%

The offer is valid until June 30, 2018


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